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1.              Name: The group shall be known as The Friends of Wool Library

2.               Purpose of the group
To develop and manage a community-led library service in the village of Wool

To provide for the development of other community activities compatible with the operation of the library

3    Powers

      to raise money by fund-raising, donations, membership subscriptions, legacies, grants, sales or any other lawful method

      to recruit volunteers from among its members and the wider community

      to offer a programme of activities and events

      to co-operate with other friends groups within Dorset

        To pursue any action or activity which is lawful and necessary to achieve the purpose

4          Membership

a)    Friends of Wool Library shall be open to anyone over 18 who is interested in helping the group to achieve its aims.   

b)    Friends of Wool Library may from time to time invite persons holding any office in other relevant organisations to become ex officio members of Friends of Wool Library.

c)    Every member shall have one vote at general meetings.

d)    The trustees shall have the power to refuse membership to an applicant where it is considered such membership would be detrimental to the aims, purposes or activities of the group.

e)    Termination of membership:

i)             Any member of the group may resign his/her membership by giving notice in writing to the Secretary of the Friends of Wool Library.

ii)            The Committee may, by resolution passed at a meeting thereof, terminate or suspend the membership of any member if, in its opinion, his/her conduct is prejudicial to the interests and objects of the group, provided that the member  shall have the right to be heard by the Committee before the final decision is made.

5    Subscription Membership fees will be set by the Managing Committee on an annual basis.

6    Committee duties: There shall be a Managing Committee comprising
a Chairman, a Secretary and a Treasurer and up to five other members
elected annually at the Annual General Meeting They will serve for the next  year, and will retire at  the next  AGM, but may be re-elected., save that  the Chairman  shall not serve  a period  of  more than three consecutive years. The Committee shall serve as the trustees and have general management and direction of the funds and affairs of the group. It shall be empowered to co-opt replacement Committee members should vacancies occur and to establish sub-committees at its discretion. The Committee may co-opt persons with specialist knowledge or experience but such persons will not serve as trustees.

7    General Meetings: the quorum at all general meetings shall be one tenth of the membership. At least 21 days notice shall be given to all members of the annual general meeting. The AGM shall receive the annual audited accounts, elect the Officers and the Committee and consider any proposals that have been notified to the secretary and appear in the notice of summons to the meeting.

8    Committee meetings: The Committee may meet at any time but must meet at least three times a year. Three members shall constitute a quorum. The Committee must meet within 14 days of the receipt of a request for a special meeting of the group signed by any ten members. If the trustees have a conflict of interest they must declare it and leave the meeting while the matter is being discussed or decided.

9    Nominations for Honorary Officers and members of the Committee
must be made by members of the group in writing and be in the hands
of the secretary at least seven days before the annual general meeting.
If there shall be more nominations than vacancies, election shall be by
ballot at the meeting .

10 Procedure: all questions arising at any meeting shall be decided by a
simple majority of those present and voting. In the case of an equality
of votes the chairman shall have a casting vote.

11 Minutes: a record of all meetings shall be kept in a minute book by the

12 Finance: all funds and assets in the possession of the group shall be
held, paid and applied as the committee may direct, within the objects
of the group. Pending such direction the funds shall be held in a
separate bank account in the name of the group. All cheques drawn on
that account shall be signed by any two of the officers or by one officer
and any committee member nominated for the purpose by the
committee. Trustees cannot receive any money or property from the group, except the refund of reasonable out of pocket expenses.

13 An Auditor shall be appointed by the Annual General Meeting. No
committee member may serve as an auditor.

14 Alteration of this constitution shall require a two thirds majority of
members present and voting at a Special General Meeting of
the group. Notice of any suggested alteration shall be given to the
Committee in accordance with the procedure set out in Clause 8.

15 Winding up: the group may be dissolved by resolution passed by two
thirds majority of those present and voting at a special general meeting
convened for the purpose for which notice of 21 days shall be given to
all members. Such a resolution may give instruction for the disposal of
any assets held by the group, provided that sufficient property be
retained to discharge all the group's debts.  Any assets remaining shall be transferred to a group with similar purposes to this one.

16 Data Protection Act: each member shall be deemed to have given
consent, for the purpose of the Act, for his or her name, address and
telephone number, and ,where gi
ven, email address to be recorded in any data processing or media system available to the officers.

17. Interpretation: the meaning of this constitution shall be interpreted by
the committee at its complete discretion.


This constitution was adopted on 27 March 2012 at the D’Urberville Centre, Colliers Lane, Wool 

Wool Community Library is run by Friends Of Wool Library, Registered Charity Number 1173556 (login)
Wool Community Library, D'Urberville Centre, Colliers Lane, Wool, Dorset, BH20 6DL
Telephone (during library hours): 01929 405259 / Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.