Immediate Library Closure

Latest : Wool Community Library Suspended for the foreseeable future in line with Dorset and Government guidelines with effect from 19th March

Please do not worry about returning books but look after them carefully. You can keep them until the library re-opens or put them through the library letterbox. All fines will be waived until 2 July, or whenever the service reopens.


At the moment we do not know what will happen to the whole of the Libraries West organisation, (the consortium Dorset Library Service is a member of) but you will not be able to order books and any books on hold will be kept for you till after the system reopens.

We don't know how long we will be closed but will let members  of  Friends of Wool Library( FOWL) know as soon as we are able by e-mail,  but there is also a notice on the library door, and on our Facebook page -Wool Community Library.

N.B. Members of FOWL who have not yet renewed will remain on the list for emails but are urged to renew as soon as possible. Anyone wishing to join as a new member can drop a line to the Contacts address on the Home page to request the details

 For Information

You can borrow E-books on the library's CloudLibrary system to read books on a laptop, tablet, phone or E-reader (some models of Kindle not compatible). You can also access magazines at and audio books at

Addresses of two websites which you may be interested in.

For children - free streaming of stories at Audible Stories |



For those that need digital help. - It has useful things like how to do online shopping.






Summer Reading Challenge 2019

Join the “ Space Chase”!

Registration for this year’s Summer Reading Challenge at Wool Community Library starts from 20 July onwards.

As in previous years the library will be open additionally on Wednesday afternoons from 2pm -3.30 pm when the Children’s team will be offering Storytime and other activities.

Dates are: 31 July, 7 August, 14 August, 21 August, and 28 August.


Wool Children Make Documentary

As part of the Summer Reading Challenge and its associated activities, Wool Community Library organised two video workshops to help five young patrons of Wool Community Library  make their own short documentary film about the Challenge. The children, aged from 10 to 14, operated the camera, recorded the sound and interviewed each other, as well as other patrons to explain how the Challenge works and why they were taking part.

The Summer Reading Challenge is an annual scheme, run by libraries throughout Britain, to encourage children to explore the world of books during their summer holidays. All they need to do is sign up at their local library and read 6 library books of their choice  while they collect stickers and other rewards along the way. It's all completely free and it doesn't stop when Summer is over. Children can now keep track of their reading,find new books to red, take part in competitions and play games all year round on the Summer Reading Challenge website (

This summer in Wool, 96 children signed up for the Challenge and ,by the end of September, 81 of these had completed it - an outstanding achievement for one of the smallest Community-Managed Libraries in Dorset, for which the volunteer lead  for the Friends of Wool Library for the Challenge, Chris Whish, can be rightly proud.

The childrens' film about the Challenge was edited for them by professional film-maker, Andrew Kerr who said, "All the children grasped the essentials very quickly. they understood the importance of steady camera work, of eliciting good information from the interviews and of complementing the facts with pictures. I was genuinely impressed"

An even warmer welcome to Wool Community Library

Great news.! There is an even warmer welcome to Wool Community Library with the installation of 3 new wall heaters which will keep you warm and cosy while you choose your books , use the free Public Access computers or just browse and chat to friends during these chilly winter months.

Funded jointly by the Parish Council, , D'Urberville Centre Management Committee and the Friends of Wool Library, the heaters are the latest improvement to the facility since the Library became community managed and volunteer-run. Heating in the Parish Clerk's Office has also been upgraded as part of the Scheme.

Shortly the loft space above will be insulated so that less of the precious heat will escape.!

Even more delightful is that the Library has received a festive makeover. Volunteers were hard at work on Sunday 1 December decorating the library with an appropriately Christmassy theme. Why not drop in and see for yourselves.?

Welcome to the new improved Library

Tuesday 10 September saw the Library open with a brand new look thanks to the new shelving we bought with the generous grant from Synergy. Volunteers worked all over the weekend to relocate books and make the library easier to use.


 As we reopened for business at 3 pm, Heather Watson, Chairman of the Neighbourhood Panel for Synergy was introduced by Chairman of FOWL Trustees, David Smith and symbolically cut a pink ribbon in front of an audience of volunteers and library users.

Users were immediately impressed by the new features, the clearer layout, the increased light,  the space to move about and voted it a "big improvement"

Come and see for yourselves. We are sure you will like it.! 

World Book Night Celebration Revisited

As we near our  six months of the Friends of Wool Library managing Wool Community Library, we are pleased to be able to revisit the celebration of our first 100 days in charge which was held on 23 April , World Book Night, courtesy of the short film made of the event.

For those of you who were unable to join us on the day, you can share the enjoyment of a splendid and historic occasion. Those of you who packed the hall on the day, relive the moment. It is a fine memento produced by talented and skilful members of the Friends.


World Book Night Poster

Lord Lieutenant's complimentary and inspiring words

The Lord Lieutenant of Dorset, Mrs. Anthony Pitt-Rivers kindly visited the Friends of Wool Celebration event on 23 April ,met volunteers and unveiled  the new permanent sign for the Wool Community Library. A number of people have asked if the text of her address to the large gathering in the D'Urberville Hall could be made available and so, with her kind permission it is printed below.

" What could be a better, on 23 April – a particularly British Day of Celebration, to mark the 1st 100 days of your Community Library here in Wool.  And to hold this event as part of World Book Night, is even better, when thousands of volunteers will be distributing around half a million books books all over the country to encourage people who may not read – or have access – to books to open one, possibly for the first time …..& discover a new world.

I am delighted you have invited me to be with you for such a special occasion & think you have done brilliantly to make such progress in re-inventing your Library in less than 2 years. 

What you have done here for your community will inspire, give pleasure &, I hope, encourage the curiosity of existing & potential readers of all ages.  And I am so pleased that some of your celebrations this afternoon involve children & encourage them to read, know & use their library, now & in the future.  

My husband was taught to read by his mother, And, when she read to him, she always stopped at a crucial & exciting point in a story, so to know what happened next  he had to learn to read it for himself - & I don`t think he`s ever stopped reading since! 

One of the most heartening things about your project is that it has come about due to some very dedicated volunteers.  

And, how would this  & so many other vital parts of our lives, function without Volunteers?  They are the backbone of our Society & without them a lot of things would not function very well – or most likely not happen at all - & this obviously has been, & will continue to be, the case here.  

And I do hope your young people, the future readers in Wool, will learn from your example & understand the value of voluntary work & remember that to do things & give time to help others who may be less fortunate than themselves is a very good way of conducting their lives. 

So to end I should like to wish you all continuing success & much joy from your Library & don`t forget that there is something very exciting about a room full of books & you would not get half as much pleasure & satisfaction from a room full of Kindles – though of course they do have their place in society – but, as Martin Tupper said ….. A Good Book is the best of Friends, the same today & for ever………& if you want to know who Martin Tupper was ---- look him up in the library "


The signs they are a-changing

Installing the new sign

The Friends of Wool Library duly took over the management of a revamped Wool Community Library on Tuesday 15 January after Friends Chairman, David Smith received the keys from County Council Chief Executive, Debbie Ward.

David and Debbie are pictured here holding the new Library sign in place for fixing immediately  after the removal of the former County Council sign had been taken down. They posed for this shot for photographer Peter Green who then put down his camera and completed the job with his drill/screwdriver.

The first duty team of volunteers  opened the doors at 3 pm for the inaugural session under the new management. The team of  Chris Whish, Jenny Villis and Colin Cooper got down to business under the watchful eye of Volunteer Co-ordinator, Christine Reber and Community Library Liaison Officer,Petra Peters.

Several well-wishers dropped in. Both they and the early library users praised the face-lift that the volunteer make-over team had  achieved since Dorset Library Service had closed the doors on its last session the previous Saturday.

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