Borrowing A Book - Current Requirements

During the Current Situation with Covid-19 we have had to implement a specific process for those people wishing to borrow a book form the Library.

You can look at the latest books in the library by browsing our catalogue or download it as a pdf file



How it works

  • Order up to 6 books per library card. You can order Adult Fiction (including Crime/thriller, romantic, historical and science fiction), Non-fiction, LP and Children’s books
  • The service is available for adults, children and teenage members
  • Keep them for up to 4 weeks

We aim to find you books you’ll enjoy. We won’t always get it right, but we hope to introduce you to new books and authors you’ll love.

If you are ordering online you can access Wool Community Library for the latest books in our online catalogue. If you find a book in the catalogue you like you can request it and we will do our best to include it in your order. We won’t always be able to do that, but if we can’t we will hope to replace it with something similar.

We are only able to access the books that we have in Wool Community Library. This means that we cannot offer DVDs or talking books.

If you’re not a member and you would like to use our Order and Collect service, please contact us on 01929-405259 on Tuesdays (3-5pm), Thursdays or Saturdays (10am to 12 noon).


Reserved books

If you reserved books before the library closed and were notified about your reservation, we’ll include them in your order.

(Our reservation service is suspended but we will notify customers when it is back up and running.)


Place an order

You can place an order using our online form. Your order will be ready for collection 7 days after your request, either on Tuesday (3-5pm) or Saturday (10am to 12 noon).

Alternatively, you can call us on 01929-405259 to place an order over the phone. The phone will be manned on Tuesdays between 3 and 5pm and Thursdays and Saturdays between 10am and 12 noon.


Collecting your order

You will get an email or telephone call when your books are ready for collection.

We are operating a minimum contact service at collection.

1. Go to Wool Community Library entrance at your allocated collection time. In certain circumstances you may be required to queue, and we ask that you maintain social distancing to help keep you and staff safe.

2. Your order will be on the table for you to collect in the library front entrance lobby or outside the front entrance. Your books will have already been issued so there will be no need to show your library card.

3. Take your order. If you are collecting on behalf of someone else, you will need to show identification.

The chosen books will have been quarantined following Public Health guidelines.


Returning books

You can return your books through our letterbox or when you pick up your next order.


Home delivery

If you cannot get to the library it may be possible to deliver your books to you. Contact Wool Community Library on 01929-405259 on Tuesday (3-5pm), Thursday (10am to 12 noon) or Saturday (10am to 12 noon) for more details.

If you are feeling unwell or in quarantine:

If you are in quarantine or feeling unwell, please delay your collection or returns until later. If you have any coronavirus symptoms, you must stay at home and follow government guidance.

You can contact us on 01929-405259 on Tuesdays (3-5pm), Thursdays or Saturdays (10am to 12 noon) to let us know that you won’t be collecting or returning your books.


Our safety measures

We are following Public Health guidelines regarding quarantining books after they are returned. This is to reduce the risk to library staff and customers. Once quarantine is completed, library staff will return the books from your card to the library.