Friends Of Wool Library


1. The Friends of Wool Library came into being with an inaugural meeting on 10 May 2011. The meeting had been arranged as a follow-up to a previous meeting of some 25 Library users which had been addressed by Alex Brenton CC on the Dorset CC consultation proposals for the future of Library Services in Dorset and the implications for Wool library. It was agreed that a “Friends of Wool Library Group” be formally set up and to instruct the Committee appointed by the Group to look at the best legal format for the body and to recommend this and a more detailed Constitution to a future general meeting.

2. The headline purpose of the Friends was the retention of the library as a physical presence in Wool working in collaboration with the Parish Council and AD Lib ( the Association of the Friends of Dorset Libraries). This purpose was confirmed and supported by the Annual Parish Meeting held on 16 May 2011.

3. The County Council on 21 July 2011 took the decision by a majority of only one vote to close 9 libraries in 2012 whilst offering a package of support to any of the 9 community groups who wished to take over the running of their library on a community-managed basis. On 10 November an attempt by the minority party on the County Council to have the decision rescinded was defeated.

4. Friends of Wool Library then submitted a draft business plan in January 2012 based on an original Parish Council offer to the County to move the Parish Office into the library space and take over responsibility for the rent and utilities costs, with FOWL as their sub-tenant managing the reconfigured space as the library. The Parish Council wrote on 29 February 2012 confirming their decision to make this move. The County Council Cabinet on 7 March 2012 approved the transfer of a non-core library service to 8 libraries including Wool.

5. Wool Community Library came into being in January 2013.

6. The Friends of Wool Library was registered as a charity with the Charities Commission in 2017

At the first Annual General Meeting of the Friends of Wool Library on 27 March 2012, the following were elected to serve as the Trustees:
Chairman: David Smith
Secretary: Rosemary Berrie
Treasurer: Jenny Villis
Committee Members: Alasdair Berrie, Kate Bonfield, Martin Hosegood, Eileen Osgood, Chris Whish


Chair: Sue Kerr
Secretary: Jane Pearson
Treasurer: Annette Dyke
Committee members: Claire Kingman, Andrew Kerr, Rosa Adams, Lizzie Chilvers, Judy Price, Jenny Cottam

Operational Management
The operational management of the Library is the responsibility of an Operational Management Group (OMG). This group is currently: Sue Kerr, Jane Pearson, Annette Dyke and Pauline Diment.

How To Join The Friends of Wool Library

Membership of the Friends of Wool Library is for a financial year which runs from April to March. 

Download the below form and bring it in to the library:

Friends application form

This is the form to use for members renewing their annual subscriptions:

Existing Friends renewal form

Application and renewal forms are also available to collect at the library if you prefer.

Why Join The Friends of Wool Library

1. First and foremost, the subscriptions represent the core funding to enable the Friends to run the Community Library. (These include Insurance costs, additional/specific training for volunteers, improvements to/replacement of furniture and equipment, hire of rooms for meetings and events etc.) We are fortunate that the Parish Council Office shares the library space and the Parish Council are meeting the rent and utilities costs. We need an estimated £1,000 a year to run the library, but this could rise if we wish to develop and expand in future years.

2. It is the members who will decide the future policy and development of the Library. By having the right to attend and cast your vote at the AGM and other General meetings, you will have direct influence on shaping the community library of the future and the people you wish to run it on your behalf.

3. It should be a great way of making new friends, particularly those who are new to the village and surrounding community. We will also be delighted to welcome those who wish to join our ever-increasing band of volunteers. There is a variety of roles. You will be provided with free training if you wish to join the library roster but you will be also welcome if you wish to lend a hand with events or fund-raising or press and publicity.

Friends of Wool Library​ Constitution

This constitution was adopted on 6th June 2017

A copy of the current constitution is available for download here